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Hm~ ah, Bienvenidos~ You're here to see me? I don't mind I'm always up for some company

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[relationship] Dating Cristoval

((FemSpain RP account. I RP with anyone and everyone <3 she's still going through a bit of changes Warning: may contain NSFW material and Bitch-like behavior and a bit of OOC))

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"dios mio"

"Emmanuelle, please don’t cry, its okay mama’s here" Thee little 2 year old began to to whine and flail "I don’t wanna sleep, I don’t wanna play with Maximo or Minnimo~ I wanna see Papa! or senor Cris! I don’t wanna sleep" Antonia sighed with her head in her hand "but tesoro, its very late, I’ll call one of them in the morning, you can write your papa a lette-" "No!" "emma, please" "Noooooooo~!""maybe we can visit bubbles someda-" the little girl inturupted the suggestion with a shriek of refusal for any middle ground, she wants what she wants and she will get it.

"what do i do?"